Sparsh Shrivastav is an Indian kid entertainer working in Hindi shows.

Presently he is well known for his new Netflix web-series Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega.  

Sparsh Shrivastav’s career

Shrivastav is dealing with broadcast business since he was only 11 year old. He previously showed up on TV in 2010, as a competitor of dance unscripted TV drama Chak Dhoom circulated on Colors TV, luckily he made to finals and won the show. Later on he depicted the personality of Kundan in friendly issue show Balika Vadhu on Colors TV. He rose to distinction through his driving job Sunny in Netflix's Jamatara: Sabka Number Aayega.  

Unknown Facts About Sparsh Shrivastav

    Shrivastav did a horror episodic show Fear Files as Tarun and a drama mystery Maha Kumbh: Ek Rahasya Ek Kahani as younger version of main lead Charlie.     Shrivastav also worked in Disney’s dance based comedy show Shake It Up as Neel Walia.     He composed and sang a song ‘Just One Kiss’ and released on YouTube, which got 6 million+ views. He is a professional dancer and his mother taught dancing to him. He is a well trained dancer in Kathak, Folk, Bollywood, Pop and more.

Sparsh Shrivastav Biography


Sparsh Shrivastav

Real Name

Sparsh Shrivastav




Dancer, Actor

Date of Birth

4 July 1999



Father Name

Dinesh Shrivastav

Mother Name

Ragini Shrivastav


5’ 7”


68 Kg

Zodiac Sign / Sun Sign

Not Known



Educational Qualification



Under Review


Travelling, Singing, Dancing


Rajakhera, Rajasthan, India





Girl/Boy friend Name

Yet to be updated

Current City

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

 He is famous for being a musician, recording producer, television personality and songwriter. Some of the best records in the 90s were produced by Stevie J and he even won the Grammy Award for some of them like the most

famous album produced by "No Way Out". The album produced for several high profile musicians including Mariah Carey, The Notorious B.i.g., Jay-Z and Eve. Let's dig in his life and see how he made his wealth.  

Early Life

His full name is Steven Aaron Jordan and he was born on November 2, 1973, in Buffalo, New York. He grew up in Rochester located in New York, with his father because his mother ran out on the family at an early age.  

Career Life

His first show in the music industry and his career early was as a member of "Bad Boy Records", while also working as a writer and producer in the early 90's. After some time he decided to branch off and start working with Sans Combs which was a few albums from Bad Boys and together with him made his first album titled "Only You" for R & B Quartet 112. Other albums produced alone Are MO Mo Mo problems , You are not anyone, the last day, famous delay, bad boys and more.  In addition to bad boys, he is known to work with other artists like Mariah Carey, with whom he produces an album nominated for the Grammy Award. The most famous songs of this album are I still believe, honey and babydoll. The three records he produced were ranked 100 top in the Billboard Hot 100 list in 1997. After that in 2001, he released a hit single entitled "Let Me Blow Ya Mind". Before the show with Bad Boy's record, he was a direct bass guitar player and even the main singer. In 1995 he appeared on several albums such as "The Show", "The After Party" and "The Hotel" which maintained his great relationship with bad kids away. Ten years after singinganya was released, he worked as one of the members of the actor in the VH1 reality event called Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, where he would usually be seen with his friends and his girlfriend. It was a boyfriend who was suspected of getting married, but ten later revealed that their marriage was not legal. When he established a relationship with the same boyfriend, Hernandez, they were seen as one of the best partners in the hip hop scene and Stevie J using the opportunity to appear on several music albums, like "I deserve it" which includes Lil Wayne, Missy Elliot, and Young Jeezy. In 2016 he began working on a film titled "Time of Moon" which functions as a producer.  

His Net Worth Today

Today's net worth is estimated to be around $ 5 million and make the most of the money by becoming a producer, singer and songwriter. He worked with some of the most influential artists in the 90s but today, artists like Diddy, B.I..G., Mariah Carey and a member of Bad Boys. All in all, he was famous for his album and his great work with other artists.

 Jenny McCarthy not only has a successful career in acting but also host TV, writer, model and writer scenario. He first appeared in Playboy magazine in 1993. He is one of the hosts at the MTV game show - "selected". He has many films, some of them become "diamonds", "basketball", "Santa Baby" and "Scream 3". If you want to know Jenny McCarthy's clean wealth, see the text below. 

Personal Life

Jenny was born in Evergreen Park, in the state of Illinois, but was raised in West Elsdon in Chicago.

He was born to Ms. Linda McCarthy and Pastor and McCarthy on November 1, 1972.
 He went to many different schools and one of them was Msauley Ms. Liberal Arts High School and she used to be a cheerleader. After graduating from high school, he attended the South Illinois University.  


Back in 1993, Jenny posed naked in Playboy. Some time after that he hosted "Hot Rocks", The Playboy TV Show. He also has a appearance on TV shows "TN. Shows". Another hosting job he had was between 1995 and 1997 when he was "chosen" at MTV. Some other TV shows that have appeared are "Baywatch", 'Shoot me!', 'My name Earl', 'fascinated', 'less perfect', "wing", 'hope & faith', 'stacked', 'Dick Clark's New Year Rockin 'Eve' and "The Big Breakfast". He also has a self-titled performance - "Jenny McCarthy show". Others include 'Mac' return, 'Donnie loves Jenny', 'Wahlburgers', 'The View', and 'Love in the Wild'. He has many appearances on various TV shows.  

Her Net Worth

Jenny's net worth estimation is around $ 14 million. He made money from all the role of film and TV shows throughout the year. His salary, while he was in Playboy, was also very impressive. He also released several books that also made good money. Jenny McCarthy is a very famous name throughout the world. His success began with his modeling for Playboy magazine. This gave him great exposure which then led to an extraordinary career in the film and television industry. Among all the great things he had done, he also voiced the 'command & conqueror: Red Alert 3'. He is also a writer and host TV.

 Idrissa Akuna Elba is an actor, producer, director, musician, DJ, and famous rapper. He is famous for his role including Nelson Mandela in the biographical film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013), stringer bell on wire, and DCI John Luther in Luther. At present, it is one of the top 20 best-selling actors in the world. Let's learn more about life, career, and clean wealth. 

Early Life

On September 6, 1972, in Hackney, London, Winston and Eve Elba welcomed the first child and the only one to this world. Idris's parents married in Sierra Leone, Africa, but then, they moved to London. At school in Canning Town, Idris was involved in acting, and that's where he met his first agent. In 1986, he helped an uncle with his marriage DJ business, and a year after he started his own DJ company with several of his friends.

In 1988, he attended the National Youth Music Theater. That's where he got a role in the BBC Crimewatch. He must work another job so far.


In 1995, Elba got his first importat role, Bramwell. Before he moved to New York City, he landed more supporting roles. In the period 2002 to 2004, he played the stringer bell in the HBO series called a wire. This role is one of its best known appearances at M.S. Three years later, in 2007, Elba got his first film role in Daddy's little girls. He also appeared in a sci-fi horror film titled 28 weeks later, in the same year. He has several more roles in horror films before he started acting in dramatic. 2010 was the year he starred in Luther Seri BBC, and in the inheritance of the film. 

Music And Other Projects

Before he became an actor, Elba was a DJ, and it seemed still. He released two EPs and appeared in several music videos for Fat Joe, Angie Stone, and Giggs. Elba was even produced together and carried out on the intro to the album Jay-Z Gangster America from 2007. In 2014, he presented the African dot travel series with Idris Elba on BBC Radio 2, exploring all types of African music. In July 2018, Elba launched a record label named 7wallace Music.  

Idris Elba Net Worth 2021 

Idris Elba lives in Los Angeles, but also has a small house in France. The net wealth is estimated to reach $ 15 million, but is believed to be increasing because he gets several new roles. It has been reported that it produces around $ 1.5 million per year.

 Malyk Santíago, who is famous as an American fashion model, has an audience for millions throughout the world and he is one of the most popular internet models and sensations in the center of attention. He was mostly famous for starring in many guess campaigns and walking on the national mode runway in various countries.

 Besides just being a mode in the public eye, it is also an internet sensation and uses its platform as a business tool. Therefore, it produces a lot of money from Instagram, Twitter & YouTube that appears in the text and videos. In addition, it produces a lot of money from paid subscriptions and support from each social platform. This is all what needs to be known about Malyk Santíago, including its net worth.  

Malyk Santíago’s Biography

Malyk Santíago was born on October 29, 1999, in Beverly Hills, California. He is an American and Latin country. He is the youngest of all his older brothers. He graduated from high school in Colorado in 2018 and is now registered at the University of California College.  Usually when a celebrity becomes very popular in the industry, they tend to never finish school or just break up and focus on their niche because of the time management and the amount of money they receive, however, Malyk Santíago did very different things this time around And will continue college online and still pursue his dream at the same time. Anything that is possible for American fashion models, and everyone who has taken the journey from the beginning knows he will take the time for anything even if it puts the big victim to him, he will still succeed and achieve it.  


In 2010 he was only 10 years old when he was found by modeling agencies in Los Angeles, California and made his debut starring the collaboration of children's clothing brands such as Van and Ralph Lauren, working on mature shows likestarring guesses. The campaign and runway runway worldwide. Malyk Santíago not only became the famous American star overnight, he happened to be one at a young age because he had a very early motivation and experience before his first debut. He went to the modeling school in Los Angeles, California where he came from getting insight into how it felt to work in front of the camera and learn a variety of poses for the on-cameras qualification and off-cameras to bring full trust in himself he had built For today and continue to make the best from his career being a successful fashion model.   Many people will never understand that getting that experience will weigh and affect your dreams and open all doors that the fashion model itself has worked as a model of ten years old and will reach many great things and will continue for many more. When he felt famous from his modeling industryImmediately get a strong presence on the internet with outstanding, inspirational, fashionable photos that make people come and interact with all the social media platforms.  

Malyk Santíago’s Net Worth 2021

Malyk Santíago's net wealth is estimated at $ 700 thousand. He accumulated his wealth from the modeling mode campaign offer, the customer and the brand ratification offer he made from his social media platform. He collected more than $ 200,000 for the American Foundation for breast cancer & suicide prevention

 Harvey Weinstein is one of the few producers who have one of the most rewarding careers in Hollywood. He has been a producer of films and director for a long time and is a co-founder of Miramax Entertainment Company. Over the years, he has helped produce better films such as "Good Chassera (1997)", Frida (2002) "and" The Aviator (2004) ".

 Despite its immense popularity and richness, career and character of Harvey Weinstein are in the 2017 turmoil after many women accused sexual harassment. On Friday, May 25, he turned into a New York authorities. Weinstein is now facing accusations of rape, sexual abuse, criminals and sexual misconduct.  

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth

As a producer of American film and film films, Harvey Weinstein is worth at the top of his career was about $ 300 million. Much of its net worth of Weinstein, which was very popular before sex scandals have not entered haunting the star. The wake of the scandals also cost the star of his wife Georgina Chapman, and they ended up divorcing. The scandals affected the star and, after these scandals, former film producer was apparently unable to pay the marital obligations. Weinstein was also from his company, increasing his tribulation. Currently, Weinstein's net worth is $ 50 million. In January 2017, the former film producer told a judge that he was too poor to pay the domestic obligations to his wife and two children for a year. The judge accepted his request and decided to stop a $ 5 million debt he owed. His wife, in a quick response, said the star had carried out their assets by paying a lawyer from around the world to protect him from potential prosecution.  

Weinstein’s Early life

Born in 1952 in Flushing, New York Weinstein is famous as co-founder of Weinstein and Miramax Films. Since 2005, he and his brother have been president of Weinstein's film production company. Weinstein's career rewards and won a price of the Academy as a manufacturer of Shakespeare in Love. He also won the other seven rewards for his role in various plays and musicals such as Billy Elliot, the musical, producers and August: the County of Oscure.  

Weinstein and child support

Weinstein has two ex-wives, each having his children. The first ex, Eve Chilton, has girls aged 14 and 19 belonging to the film producer once successful. She filed a payment of alimony for the two girls amounting to $ 5 million. According to his own words, she says that Weinstein told her that he was currently broken to sort the maintenance of their daughters and that he will not be able to pay payments for one year. In court, she told the lawyer: "He prepares many lawyers around the world millions of dollars to protect himself from the lawsuit from the globe."

 Donald Glover is a man of many talents, he is a comedian, an actor, a producer and a director, as well as a writer. But that's not all, it is also a rapper and he plays under the name of Bourrand Gambino, he is also a DJ, a singer and a songwriter. 

He even created the FX Atlanta TV comedy and occurs in comedy clubs around the world and states. It is one of the most interesting and talented stars in Hollywood. And its net worth increases with him. If you want to learn a little more about Donald Glover and what is the size of its net worth, keep reading.  

The early life of Donald Glover

The full name of Donald is Donald McKinley Blover and he was born at Edwards Air Base in California, on September 25, 1983. He was born in California, but he was raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, where he lived with his parents , a brother and a sister and other host children. His mother worked as head of the daycare and her father had a job in a post office, but they were also host parents for many years. He went to the school of Dekalb des Arts, where his talents were seen first. He played in various plays and musicals. After graduating from high school, he went to the University of New York Tisch School of the Arts, where he obtained a dramatic writing degree.After their degree, Donald and his old classmates started producing comedy videos and formed a group called Derrick Comedy.  

Donald’s Career

His career started in 2006 after graduation and after Impressed producers David Miner and Tina Fey of NBC, with some scenario samples. He had a job at NBC as a writer for the 30 rock series. He worked there until 2009 and he even made some appearances on the show. His next concert was also with NBC, and it was an active role in a television community. He became famous and known for this role. But he stayed at the show for only five seasons because he wanted to focus on other larger projects.  With respect to these projects, one of them was the Atlanta project, a program on the FX network. Donald led this show and there was also played. The show was so successful that he won two Golden Globes and Donald won two Awards Emmy for an exceptional main actor in a series of comedies and an exceptional direction for a series of comedies. The show created in 2016 and 2018, the second series came out. Donald also had very big roles on the big screen of titles as "the list of things to do", "Magic Mike XXL", "The Martian" and "Spider-Man Homecoming".  And now, when it comes to his other talents and other things he does, he has published three albums under the name of childish Gambino. His first album was released in 2011 and he was entitled Camp, the second was because of the internet in 2013 and that we sown 96,000 copies in his first week. And his last album he went out is entitled Eveakaken, my love!. But it's not all people, there is also a donald stand-up comedy career. It scrubs comedy and concert shows around the United States and the world and its shows broadcast on the Central Comedy.  

Donald Glover’s Net Worth

As it does a lot of things in his life, he also gains many things. For example, he earns many of the recommendations, he cooperates with brands such as Samsung, Gap and Ubisoft. He earns his shows, movies and his music. His first album brought him $ 250,000 in 2011 and the album Car Internet brought it $ 330,000 in 2013. It was good, but it was a bit. Now, when you can find it on the big screen, it wins a lot more. Last year, he won about $ 3 million from the films he played in and since his series FX Atlanta  Its net worth is now estimated at about $ 12 million, but we think it will be much more in the future. He is a very successful artist, he has won a lot of fans and his Atlanta show is doing pretty well. And he has a movie to come 'solo: a story of Star Wars' who will make it even more famous and that will do it even more money.